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cash discount program in chicago

Join Our Cash Discount Program

Digital Market America offers the Cash Discount Program helping business owners with eliminating credit card processing fees.

What is the CASH Discount Program? 

Our cash discount program offers customers a discount for paying with cash instead of credit or other forms of payment. The idea behind this program is to incentivize customers to pay with cash, which can help businesses save money on credit card processing fees and other transaction costs.

Cash Discount Program in Chicago Digital

How it works...

Business onwers will display two prices for a product or service - one for credit card transactions and another, lower price for cash transactions. The cash price is typically lower than the credit card price by an amount that is equivalent to the processing fees that the business would have to pay if the customer had paid with a credit card.

Digital Market America Dejavoo Credit Card Terminal Chicago

Here are the numbers... 

For example, if a product costs $100 and the credit card processing fee is 3%, the business might offer a cash price of $97, which is 3% lower than the credit card price of $100. By offering this discount, the business can encourage customers to pay with cash and save money on processing fees.

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