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Our tech means business... 

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Our Mission

We call Chicago our home, and we know how difficult it's got make it in a city like ours, that's reason #1 why we cater to small business owners like yourself that decided to dump tears and sweat to that dream of yours.  Whatever merchant solutions you need, we've got it.  From Payment Processing to POS systems, from Web Development to Online ordering, SEO to Social Media Marketing.  Our goal is to give every single business owner the opportunity to keep their business running

From Chicago to the world!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to continue providing small businesses the tools they need to adapt, survive and thrive in this new world we live in.    

Meeting Room Business

Our Team

Digital Market America is committed to maintaining our company's five fundamental principles – integrity, service, compassion, dedication, and innovation – every time we step into our workspace. Our team collaborates not only within the office but also extends our service to the community and shares moments of joy.

We are a small inovative team, but we stand united as one cohesive team, driven by a singular vision and pursuing a sole mission: to empower merchants all over the US, because after all... we are also yoru customers.  


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Our Customers

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