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Our tech means business... 

Business Plan

Our Mission

To continue to help small business owners find the best merchant solutions that fit their needs. From Payment Processing to POS systems, from Web Development to Online ordering, SEO to Social Media Marketing.  Our goal is to give every single business owner the opportunity to keep their business running while using the most efficient and affordable technology that's available to them.   

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to continue providing small businesses the tools they need to adapt, survive and thrive in this new world we live in.  COVID-19 keeps evolving and continues to affect us all, people, businesses and our society as a whole.  It's critical that we keep up with evolution and at the same time change and continue to bring technology to help our community as a whole.  

Our purpose is not to bring the old interaction or old ways of working, Our purpose is to bring the new us, a new way to interact in a faster, more efficient way while keeping us all safe in this the new normal.

At the end of the day, the faster we adapt and thrive, the faster we get used to our new normal.  

Bicycle Repair Shop

Our Story

Digital Market America was started after realizing there were no companies designed to help small business owner stay competitive in the real world.  Most companies we found were focused on bigger businesses, leaving the small Mom and Pop business owner stuck with companies that were not helping them but setting them back with outdated technology or higher price sticker services. 


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